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5v5 Wichita YMCA Raptors-Black

January 2, 2021
Wichita, Kansas


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9/23/2021 12:55 PM

Dear Coaches and Teams,

Happy New Years' Eve!

The tournament schedules are now posted for the Wichita 5v5 tournament to be held this Saturday.

You may view them at https://soccer.exposureevents.com/158947/5v5-wichita-ymca/schedule. Please take a look at the schedule and check to make sure that you are again in the correct division and that you don’t see any conflicts with your bracket(s).

COVID INFO: See the attachment for our safe to play policies.

Please check-in your team at the tournament headquarters tent 30 minutes prior to your first game. Remember to bring with you any roster changes; this will be your last opportunity to change your roster. Also, bring your proof of age and parent Waiver form and Hold Harmless. Only one representative of the team needs to attend. Although proof of age won’t be examined at check-in, please keep the cards/certificates in your possession in case of a challenge.

Thank you and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Travis Tew


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FAQ at the Tournament

Q: When is my next game?

A: All of the schedules are posted online at https://soccer.exposureevents.com/157246/rocky-mt-3v3-spookout/schedule/; let me know if you have difficulty reading it, I would be happy to teach you.

Q: Where is field number (5)?

A: There are field numbers posted on the back of the goals or painted on the ground behind each goal

Q: We just played our last pool play game, when will we know when our next game is?

A: As soon as all of the scorecards for all of the pool play games in your division have been turned in and posted, I will determine the seeding for the bracket.


12/31/2020 11:20 AM


I would like to thank you for registering for the T2 Sporting Soccer Tournament in Wichita. My name is Travis Tew and I will be your Tournament Director. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by e-mail at Travis@t2sporting.com and I will reply as soon as possible. Please note the FAQ list below. The team list is now posted online at www.t2sporting.com Please review the team list for accuracy. Are you in the right division, etc.? Please email me with any corrections. You will notice we have a few “Open Slots” (2 or 3 team brackets). If you know of anyone who would be interested in filling these “Open Slots”, PLEASE have them contact me as soon as possible so we can try and fill in all the divisions. We will take teams on a first-come, first-served basis.

The schedule will be posted on www.t2sporting.com on Thursday by 8:00 pm. When creating the schedule, it is sometimes necessary for the tournament director to combine divisions. For an explanation of our grouping procedure, please go to www.t2sporting.com/divisions

The tournament will be held at indoor soccer fields at the Farha Sports Centers (South) - Greater Wichita YMCA

Check-in will be held at the fields 30 minutes prior to your first game!

Rules: Click here for the official T2 Sporting 5v5 rules

Waivers: Please complete one per team and bring to check-in

COVID waivers: Please complete one per player and bring to check-in

Thank you,

Travis Tew

Director of Sales and Marketing


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12/28/2020 9:54 AM


2007/2006 Boys Augusta, KS

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All event related questions should be directed to Travis Tew at travis@t2sporting.com or call 435-229-9100.