5v5 Soccer presents

5v5 Lubbock, TX

January 30, 2021
Lubbock, Texas


Your team is qualified for the WST Nationals on Nov 13-14. Save 50% if you register TODAY! use code: Champ. Go to http://www.warriorsoccertour.com/nationals/

Text us @ 816-812-0347

9/23/2021 12:55 PM

Good afternoon,

This is Travis Tew with the Lubbock Sports Cup. Registration is still open and we are currently looking for more teams in our
07-08 Boys,
08 Girls,
10-11 Boys,
13 boys,
12/13 girls,
15 girls,
HS boys,
Adult open 7v7

We have extended our 25% off discount to help us fill in these divisions. If you are interested please contact the TD or register online using the code: LSC21

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. Thank you and we hope to see you out on the pitch!

Register online at: https://soccer.exposureevents.com/157477/lubbock-sports-labor-day-cup


8/17/2021 3:05 PM

Good afternoon,

This is Travis Tew with the Warrior Soccer Tour. I want to personally wish you and your families a happy 4th of July and invite you to participate in our first event back in New Mexico coming up next Sat.

July 10th in Carlsbad, NM

For more info and to register go to https://soccer.exposureevents.com/168150/3v3-5v5-carlsbad-nm-under-the-lights

Use the code: Independence to save 20% on this or any other upcoming WST event. Including our 2nd annual Lubbock Sports Labor day Cup!

Have a great day and let me know if you need anything!

Travis Tew

7/2/2021 4:51 PM

Coaches and team managers,

Thank you for playing in the Warrior Soccer Tour this past weekend. We hope you and your team had a great experience! You can view the Tournament results online at www.warriorsoccertour.com and see where your team ranks among the other teams across the USA!

The top 3 teams in each division have qualified for the Warrior National Championships, which will be held Jan 16-17 2022 in Florida!

The goal of the year contest – We are looking for the best goals scored across the Country and we need your help. If you or your parents captured a GREAT goal from your event please email it to travis@t2sporting.com for your chance to win the contest. The video with the most likes on YouTube will win.

Tag us – Be sure to tag us on your favorite pictures from this past weekend @warriorsoccertour or #warriorsoccer

Check out our other 3v3/5v5/7v7 events coming to a field near you.

Thanks again!

Warrior Soccer Tour

2/8/2021 11:25 AM

please make sure and pick up your medals!!!!!

We have medals for 1st 2nd AND 3RD

1/30/2021 10:08 PM

Please review the updated schedule - we are unale to take any requests.

games resume at 3 pm
we are running 20 min games (zero time inbetween) Please be at the field ready to start your game as the whistle blows at the end of the previous game.

If you are not at the field your game will forfeited, and scored 0-5.

Thank you so much for you patience while we tackeled this very unusual situation.

1/30/2021 3:14 PM

We are rescheduling as many games as possible to be played today on fields 1-4 we will resume at 3 PM.

Games will be 20 mins long running clock -

I will send another email once we have the schedules updated

1/30/2021 12:52 PM

Hey guys,

Due to severe weather, we are postponing all games until further notice. We are working to reschedule all games for tomorrow, Sunday, January 31st. We will message you with updates. Be safe!

1/30/2021 12:13 PM

All games on these fields will be suspended starting for the 11 AM game until further notice

please wait for updates

1/30/2021 11:48 AM

Attached is the field map


1/30/2021 11:24 AM

We are inside the LCU boys Soccer locker room - west of the hanger on Eilene road. Please come to the double doors to check in 30 mins before your 1st game or email me all your paperwork


1/30/2021 11:20 AM

Good Morning -

You are welcome to email me all the forms for your team for a non-contact check-in. This must be done as a packet - 1 email per team with all the forms attached. Please Make sure the forms are filled out completely with division / team name / players names / parents signatures and players dates of birth. Make sure your email subject line is your teams name ans division - this will help me keep everything organized and not miss anything.

I hear it is going to be mighty windy Saturday so emailing me these forms today may be a good alternative.

Event info -
tents are allowed - however with the wind predictions this may be a good idea.
No Dogs or other animals allowed.
No grills / or cooking -there will be food trucks on site.
No RV parking

*****masks must be worn - this is a requirement for your teams participation - parents / coaches / players off the field are required to have a mask on at all times (except when able to socially distance).

Restrooms will be available (port-a-potties).

Field map - I have attached a photo of where my fields will be - as soon as I have a numbered map I will send that out - Fields 1-4 will be on the football field of the high school.

As a reminder - Although proof of age won’t be examined at check-in, please keep the cards/certificates in your possession in case of a challenge.

Thank you and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

512-294-0469 - text is best or leave a voicemail and I'll return your call
email - Natalie@T2Sporting.com


1/29/2021 8:50 AM

Attached is a photo of the Exposure App. I highly highly recommend you get this app. All scores / schedules / announcements got thru this app.

I can not wait to get to Lubbock and see some beautiful soccer.
Safe travels - I will see you all Saturday!!!
Best way to reach me is to TEXT 512-294-0469.
My correct email is Natalie@T2Sporting.com for some reason there is an incorrect email floating around.


1/29/2021 12:39 AM

Attached is the 2nd form you must turn in at the time you turn in the official roster. 1 form is required for each Player and their family. The form has a line for the player and 1 line for 1 parent. Please add additional lines for each family member attending with that player.

This means if you have 10 players you will need 10 of these forms for your team. Your team will not be checked in and will have to forfeit any games that are played without all documents having been turned in.

Best way to reach me is to TEXT 512-294-0469.
My correct email is Natalie@T2Sporting.com for some reason there is an incorrect email floating around.


1/29/2021 12:36 AM

Attached is the waiver form / Official roster for your team. Only 1 form is needed for each team. You must have to players name / Parents signature and the birthdate of each player on the form. This becomes your official roster and can not be changed including player additions after kickoff of your 1st game.

Please be sure and check in at least 30 mins before your 1st game. And please in order to minimize people bunching up - send just 1 person from your team with all the documents already completed. This person must wear a mask the entire time at check in.

Although I will not be checking player cards/ birthcertificates at checkin you are required to have these documents readily available should someone challenge your teams roster.

Answers to FAQ's
Players all allowed to play on multiple teams as long as they do not play below their age ( EX a player born in the year 2010 can play 2010/2011 division and 2009/2010 division or any older division - however, that player can not plaeay in a younger division 2011/2012)
All girls teams are allowed to play down in age if the division for the girls team does not make - for example a 2008 girls team could play 2009/2010 boys - these placements are based on information entered when the team registered and communication with the coach.

Players do not have to wear masks while playing however spectators must have on masks anytime they can socially distance.


1/29/2021 12:30 AM

I have attached the 5v5 rules for Saturdays tournment - these are the game rules - there will be some Covid rules I will send out that we must also follow to keep everyone safe and to keep being allowed to have these great events for the kids.

Answers to some FAQ's
Heading is allowed in all divisions.
Attacking players are allowed inside the box and may shoot inside that area however, no intentional contact can be made with the keepter.

Goals are 12'x6'

Parents - please help track soccerballs to keep the games flowing and on time - it is supposed to be extremly windy Saturday.

if you have the Exposure app you can find all the documents you need and your teams schedule all within the app.


1/29/2021 12:17 AM

Please go to the web site and click on the blue schedule button located at the bottom of the Lubbock event. You can also download the Exposure App (HIGHLY recomment) and find the schedules there. On the app you are able to follow your team and get live score updates - you can also follow other teams and check standing and see your bracket games as teams advance out of pool play.

Guarenteed 4 games - if you have less than 4 games in pool play you will need to look at the bracket as that will fill in as scores are entered and the last of the pool games for your division are played.

There are several more emails I will be sending. It will be really windy Saturday so please have paperwork already filled out.

1/28/2021 11:03 PM

Good Evening -

Thank you so much for registering for this event. Please take a few seconds to review the team list and make sure your team(s) are in the correct division. I will be working on the schedules over the next few days and should have the initial schedule posted late Thursday night.

A few important updates:
I was notified today I can not start any games before 10am.
The tournament may have to run later than originally expected due to the over whelming number of teams registered / limited field space / and time constraints. I will do everything i can to get us all complete as early as i possibly can.

It is extremely important to text me tomorrow if I have asked you to do so over the past several weeks.

please spread the word I am looking for
1 team for the 2013/2012 boys
1 team for the 2010/2009 girls

I will be sending more information over the next couple of days including
Waiver form / official roster (1 per team)
Hold harmless document (1 per family - add lines as needed)
Tournament rules

if you have any questions please text me at 512-294-0469.

Thank you so much I am excited to see everyone and watch some amazing Warrior's play soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tournament Director

1/26/2021 10:55 PM


5v5 Lubbock Open to all teams 2014 to Adults This is a non sanctioned event so it's open to all teams Time: 9:00 AM to 4 PM Cost: $250 before deadline and $300 after 4 game guarantee

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • Adult: Men & Women
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $250.00-$300.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee


Lubbock Christian University Map
Lubbock Christian University
26th St
Lubbock, TX, 79407


Natalie Jones


Download the 5v5 Soccer App

5v5 Soccer Apple App 5v5 Soccer Android App

General Information

Start Time: 9:00 AM

Registration Deadline: Guaranteed Acceptance 14 days before the event.  Teams registering after the deadline may be accepted on first come first served bases. 

Check-In: Check-in THIRTY MINUTES before your first game at the fields. Please bring your signed waiver form and any roster changes. Rosters will be frozen after your team has checked in and cannot be changed after that time. Teams must provide proof of age at any time during the tournament if requested by the Tournament Director. T2 Sporting will accept player cards, copies of birth certificates or driver’s licenses as proof of age.

Schedules: Schedules will be posted to this location Thursday before the tournament. Special scheduling requests must be made by the registration deadline to be considered. T2 Sporting will make every effort to honor scheduling requests but cannot guarantee that all requests can be met.

Tournament Facts:
  • Open to all teams 2014 to Adults
  • Top Teams  receive medals
  • Cost: $250 early and  $300 late
  • 4 game guarantee
  • Tournament Deadline: 2 weeks prior
  • Check-in: At the fields, 30 minutes before your first game. 
Players will need proof of age in the form of player cards, birth certificates, team rosters, passports, or school id. 

All event related questions should be directed to Natalie Jones at natalie@t2sporting.com or call 512-294-0469.