5v5 Soccer presents

5v5 Naples, FL

June 18, 2022
Naples, Florida


2023 5v5 Soccer National Championship!!

Who's coming to Nationals??? Do you have what it takes to be #1?

November 18-19, 2023 @ Palm Beach, FL

Register your team today:

5v5 Soccer Nationals info:
- Schedule: Saturday will be round robin/seeding starting at 9 am Sunday will be playoffs and will be ending by 3 pm!
- Awards: Top 3 teams will receive HUGE custom medals and 1st place will receive a plaque and be crowned 5v5 National Champs!
- 4 games guaranteed
- The regular deadline is 9/30
- The final deadline is Sunday, 10/31

Discounts For Teams:
- Any Team Played with us in 2023: $50 off
use the code: 5v53rd
- 2nd Place: $100 off if your team finished 2nd use the code: 5v52nd
- 1st Place: $200 off if your team finished 1st use the code: 5v5champ

There is nothing like being named NATIONAL CHAMPION!!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!!

10/3/2023 10:32 AM

Hi Everyone,

If you'd like to have exciting Summer Soccer FUN and Action, please come join us at the MARCO ISLAND 5v5 on Saturday, July 15!!

Here is the link for more information and to register:

Should you have any questions, please give me a shout, text or email.

Enjoy your Summer and looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Neal Rickmers
Florida Tournament Director
5v5 National Soccer Tour

6/27/2023 8:42 PM

Hi Everyone,

Uou are invited to join the 5v5 FUN in Estero next Saturday, June 10!

We have teams coming from Palm Beach, Miami, Naples and Tampa!!

It will be a BLAST!!

Please use this link for more info and to Register:


Please tell your soccer friends about this 5v5 and invite them to join us!!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all again!!

6/4/2023 3:09 PM

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.

Come join us for 5v5 Soccer FUN and ACTION in Estero on June 10, 2023!!

For information and to Register, please go to this link:


Should you need any additional information or have any questions, please call me on 813.335.2736.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!

5/27/2023 7:34 PM

Hi Everyone!

Please join us for 5v5 FUN and EXCITING soccer ACTION - WESTON style on Sunday, MArch 26!!

For more info and to Register, please click on the following link:


We already have 20+ teams and this will be a lot of FUN!!

Any ?s, please text or call me on 813.335.2736 or email - neal@5v5soccer.com.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there!!

3/14/2023 11:35 PM

Hello Weston-area 5v5 Soccer Familia!!

Please come and join us for some more 5v5 Soccer Action!!

For more information and to register, please go to 5v5 soccer.com then scroll to the March 26 Weston Event page.

Also, please pass this invitation on to your soccer-playing friends!!
Should you have any questions, please email me at neal@5v5soccer.com or text me.

Thank you and hope to see you there!!

3/12/2023 3:42 PM

Hello Weston-area 5v5 Soccer Familia!!

Please come and join us for some more 5v5 Soccer Action!!

For more information and to register, please go to 5v5 soccer.com then scroll to the March 26 Weston Event page.

Also, please pass this invitation on to your soccer-playing friends!!
Should you have any questions, please email me at neal@5v5soccer.com or text me.

Thank you and hope to see you there!!

3/12/2023 3:12 PM

Hi and Happy Halloween Florida 5v5 Soccer Family!!

Think your team can be 5v5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS? Please give it a try!!

For last year's CHAMPION, want to try for a 2-peat?

Come join us in Auburndale November 19 & 20 to do your best and see what happens!!

Please give me a shout on 813.335.2736 should you have any questions.

Hope to see you there going for the GOLD!!

Thank you!!
Neal Rickmers
FL Tournament Director

10/31/2022 9:23 PM

Hello Naples Teams!!

I hope this email find you, your families and teams all well and you are enjoying your Summer break!!

Many of you asked for another area event and here is your last chance to get tuned up for your upcoming season and Labor Day tournaments -
MARCO ISLAND 5v5 on Saturday, August 13!!

Please go to https://5v5soccer.com/tour/#exp-events-24692 for more info and to Register.

Should you have any questions, please call me on 813.335.2736 or email me on neal@t2sporting.com.

Thank you and hope to see you on the Island!!

7/31/2022 11:12 PM

Hi Everyone! I would like to take a moment to THANK YOU all for an exciting day of 5v5 and 3v3 soccer action!! I saw fantastic goals scored, many more attempted and tremendous savers made by the keepers and defenders. I hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did. To all of the Fathers - Happy Father’s Day!! Enjoy your family today and always. Should you want to play again, we have an event for you in Miami on June 25!! Peace and respect, Neal

6/19/2022 10:26 AM

Coaches and managers,

Please be at least 5 minutes early at the field for your next game.

There is no warm-ups on the field, you play right away.

The referee will start the clock at game time.

Thanks and Have FUN!!

6/18/2022 9:04 AM

We have taken care of the park entry fee so just come on in!! : )

6/18/2022 8:09 AM


parents and spectators will sit around the outside of the fields only.

Players and coaches will be on the inside of the field and are the only ones allowed to be on the field by the park.

please remember to pick up all your empty bottles and trash and either recycle or throw it away.

The gates only open at 8 am.

Thanks and see you all soon!!

6/18/2022 6:47 AM

A couple of things from me:

1. Our Fields 1 through 5 will be on Paradise Coast's Field 2.

Our Fields 6 through 9 are in Paradise Coast's Field 1.

2. After each game, the referee will have both coaches sign the scorecard to confirm the score. The referee will then enter the score on his/her phone into our scoring system. The winning coach will then kindly bring the scorecard immediately to me at the headquarters to confirm the scores. Should there be a tie, I would very much appreciate one of the coaches immediately bring the scorecard over to me to confirm the scores.

3. We are playing on turf. Please make sure that all drink bottles and trash are pick up before you leave the bench area so it is clean for the next teams.

From the Paradise Coast Staff:

1. For your safety, this is our weather tracker. You can follow along here at: ThorTV (thormobile.net) As long as we are in red alert, we are a no go. Once it is in Caution or All Clear, then we can resume activities.

If we go into red alert, a siren will sound indicating everyone should leave the park. My staff will ask everyone to evacuate the gates and stay in their car until we are all clear. Once the siren goes off again, we will immediately reopen and allow folks back in, and resume activities.

Here is the information to send out to teams about our weather protocol and policies should you choose. The thorguard link is on there as well. It states our entire weather policy: Weather at PCSC - Paradise Coast (playparadisecoast.com)

If this happens, please stop games immediately and ask folks to exit the park. Refs and tournament personnel can stay inside the welcome center, but no players, coaches, or spectators will be allowed to and must evacuate to their cars.

Thanks for all the help and looking forward to hosting this event tomorrow!

2. Unfortunately, NO outside food or beverages will be allowed into the park? This includes coolers, grocery bags, bottled drinks, etc. There is a space we call the Great Lawn that folks can access to enjoy their outside foods or beverages. Otherwise, they will be asked to throw them out at the gate, finish what they have, or return it to their cars. We will have our staff at gates to monitor this, so any communication that is sent out ahead of time is helpful to both guests and our staff. We have a right to refuse anyone into the park who doesn't abide by our policies. In addition to this, we caught a lot of people at our last soccer event who had snuck in outside alcohol and were getting confronted by management or the police officers. The more we can avoid this, the better!

What we will allow are reusable water bottles for athletes and coaches as we have water bottle refill stations around the park. Of course we make an exception for referees and tournament staff.

We will be serving cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, ice, snacks, and more. We will also have Kona Ice, a Hot Dog food truck, and a Mexican Food food truck on site.

You will be playing on Fields 1 and 2. If folks take City Gate Blvd N all the way down, the parking lot is on the right. That is the easiest parking lot to get to, as well as the closest one to Fields 1 and 2. But we will have the opposing gate open with staff just in case folks find themselves over that way because it is a fairly long way back around if you do!

Thank you!!

6/17/2022 10:00 PM


I am driving now so there will be no more changes.


6/17/2022 4:04 PM

!!One Last Change - MANY MOVEMENTS!!


Thank you for understanding!

6/17/2022 12:21 PM

Hi Team Contacts,

Given all of the special requests to work around other games, or driving distances, I have posted the schedules for Saturday on this event's website:

5v5soccer.com/tour/#exp-events-24692 then go to the Naples event and click Schedule.

We will start playing at 9:00 pm on Saturday.


To see when you are playing, please download the Warrior Soccer Tour app from your App Store, then go to the 5v5 Naples event and enter your Team(s) name.

Please print out one Team Waiver Form for your team and have a parent sign for each of your player(s). Only one person needs to bring the forms to check-in 30 minutes before your first game.

Please review the rules of the format you are playing as 5v5 has some unique differences to them from full-sided soccer. Please go to:

5v5soccer.com/documents then forward the 5v5 rules to your players and parents.

For those of you who have not made arrangements with me to pay at Check-in on Saturday, please pay on-line by noon Friday, tomorrow, or you will be removed from the schedule.

Looking forward to OUTSTANDING 5v5 Soccer - Naples Style!!

Please DO NOT LEAVE on Saturday until you've checked with me to confirm you have played your 4 games.

Should you have any questions or help with anything, please email or call me on 813.335.2736.

Thank you and see you on Saturday!!

6/16/2022 10:07 PM

Hello and WELCOME to the Naples 5v5/3v3!!

I would like to THANK YOU for registering for this Warrior 5v5 and 3v3 Soccer Tournament.

My name is Neal Rickmers and I will be your Tournament Director. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by e-mail at neal@t2sporting.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

The schedule will be posted on this link late THURSDAY evening as teams continue to register. I will attempt to accommodate all of the special requests. We had 13 teams register today alone!!

Please note the FAQ list below.

The team list has been posted online at:


Please review the team list for accuracy and email me with any corrections. Are you in the right division, etc.?

You will notice we have a couple of 2 and 3 team brackets. If you know of anyone who would be interested in filling these “Open Slots,'' PLEASE have them contact me as soon as possible so we can try and fill in all the divisions. We will take teams on a first-come, first-served basis.

When creating the schedule, it is sometimes necessary for the tournament director to combine divisions. For an explanation of our grouping procedure, please go to: www.warriorsoccertour.com/divisions.

Every player will need to fill out an online waiver form:


Every team will need to have a printed Team Waiver signed by a parent for their player and brought to check-in Saturday morning 30 minutes before your first game:


For all tournament documents, including rules, visit us at www.5v5soccer.com/documents

Please plan on a 9 or 9:30 pm start and finish by 3:30ish pm or earlier, weather permitting as it is the rainy season.

As Teams continue to register, I will update the Team & Division List.

Thank you and see you on Saturday!

Tournament Director

6/13/2022 10:11 PM


Games will be played all day Saturday, from 9 am to around 5 pm. Open to all teams 2016 to Adults U6 - U8 teams will play 3v3 U9 - Adult teams will play 5v5 The top 3 teams earn medals

  • Tournament (1-Day Play™)
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls: 19U-5U
  • Adult: Men & Women
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $200.00-$350.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee


Paradise Coast Map
Paradise Coast
3940 City Gate Blvd N
Naples, FL, 34117


Neal Rickmers


Download the 5v5 Soccer App

5v5 Soccer Apple App 5v5 Soccer Android App

General Information

  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD/BEVERAGE ON SITE - Concessions + Marketplace for all of your needs! There are water bottle refillers for athletes on site.
  • Share the love and save some $$ Click here for more info
  • Register now and add your players later. Haven't finalized your roster yet? That's OK, with 5v5 you can register your team and add players up until check-in. 
  • 3v3 open to all teams U6 to U8
  • 5v5 Open to all teams U9 to Adults
  • The top 3 teams  earn medals
  • 3v3 Cost: $200 early and $250 late
  • 5v5 Cost: $300 early, $350 regular and $400 late
  • 4 game guarantee
  • Early deadline: Save $50 if you register on June 8
  • Check-in: At the fields, 30 minutes before your first game. 
  • This is a non-sanctioned event so it's open to all teams from all States. 
  • 5v5 National Championship: Join us in Central Florida in 2022, top 3 teams in each division will qualify for the 2022 5v5 Nationals. Click here for more details! 
Players will need proof of age in the form of player cards, birth certificates, team rosters, passports, or school IDs. 

All event related questions should be directed to Neal Rickmers at neal@5v5soccer.com or call 813-335-2736.