3v3 Live National Soccer Tour presents

3v3 Live - Tulsa

July 22, 2023
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Hi Coaches and Managers-
Thank you for a wonderful event in Tulsa!!! It was a great day for 3v3live soccer and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.
We are missing about 8 scores of games played towards the end of the day. If you notice that your score is not in the system please send me an email and I will put it in. Also, please note that rankings will be updated in a couple of days. If you think your ranking is different then what it should be please reach out to Eddie Meador. His contact is eddie@3v3live.com.
We have one more event in Mustang this weekend. There are still plenty of open slots if you are interested in signing up. It is the Heartland Regional Championship and the winner of each divsion will receive a "Golden Ticket" to Nationals in Gulf Shores!! The Golden Ticket is a free registration to Nationals.
Have a great rest of your summer and let me know if you have any concerns/comments/questions about how the event in Tulsa can be improved in any way.

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/24/2023 11:22 AM

HI Coaches and Managers-

We ran ouf of cards for MY PowerShot. All 3v3live participants get a free MPS to see how hard they kick it measured by radar!!! Come ot registration for one free shot. If you want to try several times to beat your record its $5 for 3 shots. We take cash or Venmo! The record today is 52MPH!

So far the 3v3live event is off to a great start! Lots of quality soccer play!

Have Fun!

Shane Schwab

7/22/2023 1:25 PM

Field map attached.


7/21/2023 9:23 PM

Hi Coaches and Managers-

Fields look great and are nice and soft now!
Field map coming shortly!

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See you at the fields!

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7/21/2023 9:21 PM

Hi Coaches and Managers-
Schedules are now FINAl so there will be no more changes going forward.

I will provide a field map later today once I see the fields and the complex. Hoping the rain won't change things too much on the fields. Apparently they were very dry so this will soften them up a bit. It looks to clear this afternoon and tomorrow looks like perfect weather for 3v3live soccer.

I will be in touch later but feel free to reach out if any questions.

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/21/2023 12:13 PM


The adults division is now posted and scheduled. Let me know if any questions. Thanks.

I am shutting it down for the night but will reply in the am. Thanks.

Shane Schwab
Ok Tournament Director

7/20/2023 11:20 PM


HI Coaches and Managers-
PLease click on the link above for the PRELIMINARY Schedule. The only division that I have not scheduled is HS Girls/Adults as I am waiting to get confirmatioin on a couple of teams.

I was able to handle all coaching conflicts that was requested and that I knew about. If there are any issues please reach out to me tonight asap. I don't expect too many changes going forward but will do my best to accomodate.

Thanks for your patience on this. I was traveling most of the day so it took a little longer then normal.

I will have a Field Map tomorrow once I am out at the complex.

PLease reach out if any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/20/2023 8:47 PM

Hi Coaches and Managers-
I have split out the divisions as well as I could based on recommendations and preferences. Please double check and make sure you are in the division you need to be in. I will be closing registration tonight and will start scheduling early tomorrow before I travel back to Tulsa. Once the scheduling process has started its very difficult to change. So please let me know tonight if you need to change your division.

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/19/2023 6:31 PM

Hi Coaches and Managers-
at noon today I will begin merging divisions so everyone can play. If your team is in a division with one or two teams I will need to merge you either up or down. Please let me know what you would prefer to do. If you are in a three team divison we are still able to play it out...even though it's not ideal. You will play everyone twice and then the winner will be the team with most points after group play

Also if you haven't submitted your request for coaching conflicts please do so now. I will do my best to avoid conflicts on pool play. But I cannot control conflicts in bracket (playoffs). Thanks.

Looks like we are gonna get a break w some much cooler weather!!

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/19/2023 10:46 AM

Hi Coaches and Managers-
I hope all is well. As I mentioned yesterday the teams list is now posted online at 3v3live.com/Tulsa. Please review the team list for accuracy. Are you in the right division etc? Please email me with any corrections. You may notice we have a few "open slots" or divisions with one or two teams only. If you know of anyone who would be interested in filling those "open slots", PLEASE have them contact me as soon as possible so we can try and fill in all the divisions. We will take teams on a first come, first served basis. If we have divisions w one or two teams we will combine w another division in order for everyone to be able to play.

For an explanation of our grouping procedure, please go to www.3v3live.com/divisions

The schedule will be posted on www.3v3live.com on Thursday by 8pm. For planning purposes please be aware that all games will start at 9am and should be finished by 3-4pm. The tournament will be held at:
Union Soccer Club Complex - Bill Boevers Fields
3801 S 136th East Street
Tulsa Ok 74134

Thanks for your support of 3v3live National Soccer Tour, and I look forward to serving you in the coming week!

Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/18/2023 12:09 PM

Hi Coaches and Managers-
Thank you for playing 3v3live this Saturday in Tulsa. My name is Shane Schwab and I will be your tournament director. Feel free to contact me via email:
shane@3v3live.com. I will try to answer any questions you may have.

Teams are now posted on our website at www.3v3live.com. Select the Tulsa event for July 22.

Schedules will be posted no later than 8pm on Thursday night. I will also provide a field map and other important information about the weekend.

Look forward to a great day of 3v3live soccer. More information to follow later.


Shane Schwab
OK Tournament Director

7/17/2023 12:59 PM


3v3 Live is open to ages 5 through adults

  • Tournament (3v3, 1-Day Play™)
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls: 19U-6U
  • Adult: Men & Women
  • Ability: Competitive/Developmental
  • $225.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee


Union Soccer Club Complex - Bill Boevers Fields Map
Union Soccer Club Complex - Bill Boevers Fields
3801 S 136th East Street
Tulsa, OK, 74134


Shane Schwab


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General Information

Start Time: 9am

Registration Deadline: Registration deadline is at Midnight (EST) on Sunday the week of the event.  Teams registering after the deadline will be charged a $25 late fee.

Check In: Check in THIRTY MINUTES before your first game at the fields. Please bring your signed waiver form and any roster changes. Rosters will be frozen after your team has checked in and cannot be changed after that time. Teams must provide proof of age at any time during the tournament if requested by the Tournament Director. 3v3 Live will accept player cards, copies of birth certificates or driver’s licenses as proof of age.

Schedules: Schedules will be posted to this location Thursday before the tournament. Special scheduling requests must be made by the registration deadline to be considered. Due to how we schedule our games at our events, scheduling requests must be limited to two!   3v3 Live will make every effort to honor scheduling requests but cannot guarantee that all requests can be met.

Tournament Facts:

  • All players will receive an official 3v3 Live Soccer tournament t-shirt (t-shirts not guaranteed for teams that register after the deadline)
  • The top 3 teams in each division will receive custom medals for each player
  • The top 3 teams in each division will qualify for the Regional Championship of their choice 

All event related questions should be directed to Shane Schwab at shane@3v3live.com.