5v5 Soccer presents

5v5 Round Rock, TX "Under the lights"

August 5, 2023
Round Rock, Texas


Dear Parents, Coaches, and Players,

We want to remind everyone of our zero tolerance policy for referee abuse at 5v5 Soccer. As we aim to create a positive and fun summer tournament, it is crucial that we maintain a supportive sideline environment. While competition is part of the game, let's remember to be respectful and encouraging.

Referees play a vital role in ensuring fair play, and we must treat them with respect. Please remember to:

Encourage positive behavior
Cheer and support without aggression
Communicate with respect
Focus on player development

By following these guidelines, we can create a safe and inclusive atmosphere for everyone involved. This should extend to how we treat all team supporters, coaches, staff members, and players on both teams.

Thank you for your cooperation in making 5v5 Soccer a great experience. Let's celebrate the joy of the game and promote sportsmanship together!

Please ensure everyone attending this event on behalf of your team read this note.

8/5/2023 10:28 AM

Coaches and Teams,
Please read everything in this email.

The tournament schedules are now posted for the 5v5 Soccer tournament this weekend. Thank you to everyone who turned in requests, I think we've accomodated everything that we were asked.

The 5v5 Field Numbers will be posted on the back of the goal. We are on the grass fields 3 & 4 at the complex (closest to the North Parking lot.)

The Event is being held at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex 2001 N Kenney Fort Blvd Round Rock, TX 78665
The Tournament HQ will have the pre-sold tournament t-shirts available to pick up. You can also purchase additional shirts for $20 on site.

You may view the schedules online at: https://soccer.exposureevents.com/201355/e/schedule or we highly recommend downloading the app to follow your team(s) and to receive automatic schedule updates, download our free app on the Apple or Android app store. Please take a look at the schedule and check to make sure that you are again in the correct division and that you do not see any conflicts with your bracket(s). There are several division combinations that have been done to provide the best competitive games possible.

5v5 Round Rock, TX "Under the lights" - Schedule - Aug 5, 2023
5v5 Round Rock, TX "Under the lights" event schedule - Aug 5, 2023

Every team will play four games, and in a four-team division the final game will be based on pool play seeds (1v2, 3v4) to determine final placements. In a 5-6 team division, you will play all other teams in a pool style format. In a 3-team division each team will play each other 2x. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive medals at Tournament HQ after their final match. These teams will qualify for the National Championship in Florida in November. Please visit www.5v5soccer.com for more info.

Schedule Link: https://soccer.exposureevents.com/201355/e/schedule

All games will be played at Round Rock Multipurpose complex. The 5v5 field numbers will be labeled on the 5v5 goals, so please look at the signs.

Check in your team at the tournament headquarters tent 30 minutes prior to your first game. You will need to have one printed roster, which you can find below. That roster will be your final "game day" roster. Only one representative of the team needs to attend. Every player's parent must fill out the online player waiver at www.5v5soccer.com/waiver

Parents who order t-shirts can pick up at the tournament HQ. The shirts are $15 if you pre-buy in the Player waiver process, however they will be $20 on site, so please buy online ahead of time.

PRINT ROSTER/BRING TO CHECK IN: https://5v5soccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/5v5-Waiver_Form.pdf

Rules and Team Rosters: www.5v5soccer.com/documents

Player Waiver: www.5v5soccer.com/waiver
Every player must have this filled out. Parents can buy a tournament t-shirt with the top option, or simply submit the form at the bottom. You either need to attach some proof of birth (player card, BC, passport, drivers license) or have a copy (digital or otherwise) on site for player verification.

We look forward to a great day of soccer!

512-294-0469 (text preferred)
Tournament Director


8/3/2023 10:11 PM



I would like to thank you for registering for the 5v5 Soccer Tournament in Round Rock, Tx August 5 "Under the lights". My name is Natalie, and I will be your Tournament Director. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by e-mail at Natalie@5V5soccer.com or text me at (512) 294-0469 and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you have specific schedule requests like multiple teams to not conflict, we need those back, via email, ONLY, ASAP. All requests must be turned in by Wednesday 8/2 by11AM.

The team list will be posted by 2PM tomorrow. We still have teams registering and want to allow them time to do so. We are also actively trying to fill a few vacant spots. Please help spread the word about this event.

I will leave registration open thru Thursday 5PM for those teams wanting to fill open spots or join a division with space available.All divisions will accept teams as space allows.

All teams will play a minimum of 4 games. If you are in a 4-team division, you will play 3 pool play games and then a final game with 1st vs 2nd, and 3rd vs 4th to get medals. A 5 and 6 team division will play a round robin tournament, no final. Teams who finish 1st - 3rd place in any division will receive medals and be invited to attend Nationals in Palm Beach Florida.

The schedule will be posted on www.5v5soccer.com LATE THURSDAY NIGHT. Once posted you can use our free app 5v5Soccer to see the schedule and currently the team list- we encourage all parents and coaches to download so everyone has access to game times / field location / and any changes or updates that may happen. ****It is a live schedule DO NOT screen shot the schedule as it is subject to change *****and screen shots will not update.

The tournament will be held at Round Rock MultiPurpose complex in Round Rock TX.

Parent / Adult player responsibility: Every player will need to complete an online waiver form: www.5v5soccer.com/waiver

*****This must be completed before 8/4 *******

Coach / Team Manager responsibility: Every team will need to have a printed 5v5 Soccer Team Roster https://5v5soccer.com/documents(only Coach will need to sign this form after it is completed)

Only one person needs to bring the completed 5v5 Soccer Team Roster to Check-in Saturday morning 30 minutes before your first game. This is your Official Roster. Once you kick off for your 1st game you cannot make changes to this form (This must be printed and turned in – using a different form or doing the roster online will not be accepted.)

For all tournament documents, including 5v5 rules, visit us at www.5v5soccer.com/documents and please forward the 5v5 Soccer Rules to your parents and players as they are DIFFERENT from full-sided soccer.

Thank you and see you on Saturday!

Please note the FAQ list below.
Thank you,
Natalie Jones
Tournament Director
512-294-0469 (Text Preferred)

Get social with us! Post your tournament pictures on FB or insta to be entered into weekly constest. Don't forget to tag us @5v5soccer

Q: Can I add or change a player(s) on my roster?
A: Yes, the roster is not final until the start of your first game. Please bring any roster changes to the team check-in, unless the change affects the division you are in, in which case you must notify me Immediately by text & email. All players must fill out the online waiver form and be on the paper roster you turn in at check-in.

Q: What is the uniform policy?
A: Players must be in like colors and shin guards are required. Goalies need to wear a contrasting color to both teams. Numbers are not required on jerseys.

Q: What do I need to bring to the check-in?
A: 1) 5v5 Roster (link above). 2) Verify that all players have filled out the online player waiver (link above). Easiest way to verify is to have each parent forward you the completion email once they have completed the waiver form.

Q: Can a player play on 2 teams?
A: Yes a player can play on 2 teams, as long as the player is not playing down in age, or playing on 2 teams in the same division and the schedule allows. For example, A Female player Born in 2012 can play in the 2011/2012 Boys division and play in the 2011/2012 G division. (This would not be considered the same division) However: A Female player born in 2012 could not play for a 2011 team in the 2011/2012G division and a 2012 team in the 2011/2012G division – that would be playing on 2 teams in the same division

8/1/2023 8:51 PM


Games will be played all day Saturday, from 3 pm to around 11 pm - Open to all teams 2016 to Adults - All teams will play 5v5 - The top 3 teams earn medals

  • Tournament (1-Day Play™)
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • Adult: Men & Women
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $330.00-$430.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee


Round Rock multipurpose complex Map
Round Rock multipurpose complex
2001 N Kenny Fort Blvd
Round Rock, TX, 78665


Natalie Jones


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General Information

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  • REGISTER NOW!!! (ANYONE CAN CREATE A COACHES ACCOUNT AND REGISTER A TEAM) Click the age group below to register your team. You will select the age group based on birth year of your oldest player. Groups will be combined +/- 1 year and similar ability level.
  • Format 4+GK
  • Tournament FAQ
  • All player wavers must be completed online. Must click bottom option for free player waiver.
  • Register now and add your players later. Haven't finalized your roster yet? That's OK, with 5v5 you can register your team and add players up until check-in. 
  • 5v5 Open to all teams U7 to Adults
  • The top 3 teams  earn medals
  • 5v5 Cost: $330 early, $380 regular and $430 late
  • 4-game guarantee
  • Early deadline: Save $50 if you register 10 days prior
  • Check-in: At the fields, 30 minutes before your first game. 
  • This is a non-sanctioned event so it's open to all teams from all States. 
  • 5v5 National Championship: Join us in Central Florida, top teams will qualify for the 2023 5v5 Nationals. Click here for more details! 
Players will need proof of age in the form of player cards, birth certificates, team rosters, passports, or school IDs. 

5v5 Rules: Click here for the official 5v5 rules

Team Roster/Waivers: Please complete one per team and bring it to check-in
Player Waiver: Please complete one per player online ( Send to all parents to sign!)

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