5v5 Soccer presents

5v5 Springfield, MO (Futsal)

December 2, 2023
Springfield, Missouri


Managers and Coaches,

Thank you for registering to play in the 5v5 Soccer tournament. Due to registration numbers and other local soccer events like Leagues starting and ODP, we are going to postpone the tournament into the end of Winter, likely in February. We will be having meetings with local clubs next week to verify the best date and provide an update within the next 14 days.

Please check with your teams and let us know if a reschedule does not work for you so that we may cancel and refund your team. Alternatively we can roll your registration over to a Summer 2024 tournament as well.

Thank you, and we'll see you soon!

5v5 Soccer

11/29/2023 11:55 AM

I would like to thank you for registering for the 5v5 Soccer Tournament in Springfield, MO. My name is Natalie Jones and I will be your Tournament Scheduler & question answer-er :). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by e-mail Natalie@5V5soccer.com or text me at 512-294-0469 and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you have specific schedule requests like multiple teams to not conflict, we need those back, via email ONLY, ASAP. Make sure to use Springfield, MO, division, & team name in the subject line. Body of email should have detailed request. All requests must be turned in by Wednesday at 11 AM. Please text me directly on Wednesday evening / Thursday morning for confirmation your request was processed.

The team list will be posted by tomorrow morning. There are still a few teams registering and a few divisions needing teams. We are giving them every opportunity to register before publishing the team list.

All teams will play a minimum of 4 games. If you are in a 4 team division, you will play 3 pool play games and then a final game with 1st v 2nd, and 3rd vs 4th to get medals. A 3, 5, and 6 team division will play a round robin tournament, no final. Teams who finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in any division will receive medals. Those teams will also qualify for 5v5 Soccer Nationals in November of 2024.

5v5 Tournament Homepage https://soccer.exposureevents.com/

The schedule will be posted on www.5v5soccer.com on Thursday by 8:00pm. You can also find it on our free app 5v5Soccer - we encourage all parents and coaches to download so everyone has access to game times / field location / and any changes or updates that may happen. When creating the schedule, it is sometimes necessary for the tournament director to combine divisions. ****It is a live schedule DO NOT screen shot the schedule as it is subject to change ***** and screen shots will not update.

Event is held at Allison Sportstown 209 N Airport Blvd Springfield, MO 65802

Parent responsibility: *****This must be completed before 12/1 at midnight*******Each player will need an online waiver form completed by their parent locate the Player Waiver: Please complete one per player online. https://5v5soccer.com/waiver/
(you can find the link on your welcome email your received after you registered the team)

Coach / Team Manager responsibility: Team Roster/Waiver: Print and bring to check-in https://5v5soccer.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/5v5-Waiver_Form.pdf
Complete and have a printed Tournament roster ready to turn in at check in This is your Official Roster.

For all tournament documents, including rules, visit us at 5v5soccer.com Rules and other Important documents (I have attached a copy of the official rules)

Tournament Director / Scheduler
512-294-0469 (text preferred)/Natalie@5v5soccer.com

Get Social with us! Post your Tournament pictures on FB or Insta to be entered into weekly contests. Don't forget to tag us @5v5soccer

Q: Max roster size
A: 10 (playing with more than 10 will equal forfeit of games scored 0-10)

Q:Can a player play on 2 teams
A:Yes as long as the teams are in 2 different divisions and they shared player is not playing down in age. (A player can not play on 2 teams in the same divison - this includes Goalies)

Q: Can I add or change a player(s) on my roster?
A: Yes, the roster is not final until the start of your first game. Please bring any roster changes to the team check-in, unless the change affects the division you are in, in which case you must notify me by e-mail. All players must fill out the online waiver form, and be on the paper roster you turn in at check-in.

Q: What is the uniform policy?
A: Players must be in like colors and shin guards are required. Goalie must be in contracting color.

Q: What do I need to bring to the check-in?
A: 1) 5v5 Roster (link above). 2) Verify that all players have filled out the online player waiver (link above) parents will receive an email verification once they have completed this step that they can send to you


11/27/2023 10:16 PM


Games will be played all day Saturday, from 8am to around 5 pm - Open to all teams 2016 to Adults - All teams will play 5v5 - The top 3 teams earn medals - FUTSAL! Same 5v5, just with a futsal ball on the basketball court.

  • Tournament (1-Day Play™)
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • Adult: Men & Women
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $330.00-$430.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee


Allison SportsTown Map
Allison SportsTown
209 N Airport Blvd
Springfield, MO, 65802


Natalie Jones


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General Information

  • Share the love and save some $$ Click here for more info
  • REGISTER NOW!!! (ANYONE CAN CREATE A COACHES ACCOUNT AND REGISTER A TEAM) Click the age group below to register your team. You will select the age group based on birth year of your oldest player. Groups will be combined +/- 1 year and similar ability level.
  • Format 4+GK but with a futsal ball
  • Tournament FAQ
  • All player wavers must be completed online. Must click bottom option for free player waiver.
  • Register now and add your players later. Haven't finalized your roster yet? That's OK, with 5v5 you can register your team and add players up until check-in. 
  • 5v5 Open to all teams U7 to Adults
  • The top 3 teams  earn medals
  • 5v5 Cost: $330 early, $380 regular and $430 late
  • 4-game guarantee
  • Early deadline: Save $50 if you register 10 days prior
  • Check-in: At the fields, 30 minutes before your first game. 
  • This is a non-sanctioned event so it's open to all teams from all States. 
  • 5v5 National Championship: Join us in Central Florida, top teams will qualify for the 2024 5v5 Nationals. Click here for more details! 
Players will need proof of age in the form of player cards, birth certificates, team rosters, passports, or school IDs. 

All event related questions should be directed to Natalie Jones at Natalie@5v5soccer.com or call 512-294-0469.